The Experience


Kinrara Expeditions - MacEacherns Camp

Our 4 night, 5-day Expedition to MacEacherns Camp is our landmark adventure. From our pick-up point in Cairns (Townsville can also be a pick-up location for groups), North Queensland Australia your 4WD convoy will begin the journey.

Up to 12 guests will make the 4-hour drive, first up through the World Heritage Listed Rainforest to the west of Cairns, traversing the Atherton Tablelands. The convoy will stop at significant landmarks and nature reserves along the way. A delicious picnic lunch will break up the journey and allow time to get to know our Expedition members.

A further hour south via the once thriving tin and agricultural service town of Mount Garnet, the countryside changes dramatically. No longer the lush green rolling forests or vast lakes, a much more sparse and dry Savanah unfolds. The bitumen gives way to dirt road and the real adventure begins.

Upon arrival, the Expedition members will be welcomed first to country from the local Gugu Badhun peoples, after which guests will be taken to their individual platform camps overlooking an Oasis like wetland amongst a predominantly deep rich red volcanic soil backdrop. In the near field, the silhouette of an all but lost ancient rainforests clambers over a rocky basalt lava flow, in the distance, the horizon seems to stretch forever, until the orb red setting sun defines the land from the sky.

Your hosts Shane and Robyn O’Brien together with their brother Callum have endeavoured to create a unique and authentic experience for their visitors. Each Expedition’s itinerary is crafted based on the members of the group, and where their interest lay.

In preparation for your arrival, a member of our team will call or skype with you to discuss all elements of your stay, from what food and snacks you like, to music tastes, plus cover off any special requests or questions you have, last but not least understand what you want to see during your stay. We then prepare for our adventure, knowing how we can make your experience in the Australian outback as memorable and meaningful to you as possible.

Broadly each day is broken into four parts, guests are welcome to any or all of the activities, but are under no obligation to attend/participate, if resting in your private camp and enjoying the peace and solitude for a day is what you feel like doing, it is entirely your experience to create.


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